I am Michael Dwyer, a lawyer and mediator.  I want to provide you some insight into my thoughts and values, which serve as the basis and motivation for my professional work.  

I believe that no one really wants to be entangled in family conflict.  But often people do not understand how to resolve it. This is especially true when conflict entangles the family in the legal system. This can be bewildering, especially when emotions are running so high.

I was raised in a home with domestic violence, alcoholism, and divorce. I know firsthand the suffering that families encounter in divorce and other family legal disputes.

From a place of deep caring about the people who seek my help, I strive to offer clients leadership, guidance and support as they experience the enormous pain and stress of family conflict and upheaval.

My intention is to serve all my clients with intelligence, compassion and dedication. I truly wish for each one of my clients, and all members of their families, to be happy and to resolve their conflicts successfully. I want them to thrive.

I am committed to listening deeply  to my clients, to understanding their deepest needs and goals, and to helping them achieve the fairest, quickest, least expensive, and most satisfying resolution possible.

I am committed to solving problems for my clients and their families, and never inflaming conflict. I am committed to helping clients avoid unnecessary, expensive and damaging court battles. Whether I am working as a mediator or lawyer, I am committed to crafting a fair settlement agreement.

But I will never sacrifice fairness and justice to promote a settlement agreement.  That creates false resolution.  On those occasions when the parties cannot reach a fair settlement agreement in mediation, I will help both my clients obtain high quality representation.

I can help mediate any conflict.