After 42 years of experience, Michael Dwyer has a reputation in the Portland community as both a highly skilled mediator and trial lawyer. Michael creates settlements that meet the parties’ needs – whether as a mediator or attorney – even in the most complex cases. Yet he also has a long and distinguished career as a trial lawyer who has handled hundreds of trials and contested hearings.

At Dwyer Mediation & Law, my mediation services cover the full range of disputes that arise in the life of today’s families, including divorces and domestic partnerships (parenting, support, division of assets) and elder, probate cases, adoption and surrogacy cases. 

A combination of experience, skill, commitment, and professionalism, enables me to help our clients achieve just and fair resolution of their disputes -- while maintaining their dignity and compassion.

I focus on providing wise leadership and helping people solve problems, not starting wars.

I make sure our clients feel heard, understood, supported, and respected. Then I work in a respectful partnership with them to explore ideas and options to create the best possible resolution.

Without sacrificing quality, I help our clients resolve their disputes as quickly and inexpensively as possible. I promote the use of the least stressful and damaging path that is effective for achieving our clients’ goals.

We can help mediate any conflict.