Portland Mediation Attorney

Mediation has soared in popularity because of its great benefits. Most individuals and families can successfully resolve divorce and other family disputes using mediation.

In Mediation we serve as an impartial third party to help people in conflict discuss, negotiate, and resolve their disputes by creating a fair and durable agreement that reflects the needs and interests of all parties. We are also able to draft the legal documents the parties need.

Here are four reasons why people who use mediation to resolve their family conflicts are far more satisfied than people who use the traditional litigation system.

  • In mediation people keep control over their lives by creating their own agreements rather than surrendering their power to lawyers and judges. However, the flexibility of mediation allows people to use lawyers and other professionals as needed.
  • Because they craft their own customized agreements, people are far more satisfied with the terms. People can create unique agreements with ideas and solutions that are not available to a judge.
  • Because mediation is focused on solving problems and building agreement, people are able to mitigate the damage to a long-term relationship. This is especially important for divorcing couples who must co-parent their children after the divorce.
  • Mediation is far less costly than the alternative – emotionally and financially.

At Dwyer Mediation & Law, I act as an experienced and helpful guide to help clients resolve disputes and make difficult transitions.

  • I listen carefully and compassionately to help my clients focus on giving voice to their most important goals and the needs of their family.
  • I help my clients understand and navigate the requirements and framework of the legal system.
  • I help my clients negotiate fair and lasting agreements.
  • I help my clients maintain their dignity and integrity during very difficult emotional times.
  • I design an efficient customized format that saves people money.
  • I help people navigate conflict resolution in a way that minimizes damage to relationships.

I provide Mediation services for all phases of a family’s life cycle: from child custody to adoptions to divorces and domestic partnerships to parenting and child support issues to elder and probate disputes, as well as general family mediation.

I can help you determine whether Mediation is the best fit for you and your family.