Cooperative Law Attorney Portland

We will be prepared to assess in very case whether we can enter into a process called Cooperative Law with the opposing attorney. The Cooperative Law movement is not yet as well established as Collaborative Law. Cooperative Law uses the same principles as Collaborative Law, but Cooperative Law does not require the lawyers’ disqualification if the case cannot be settled prior to the trial date.

Cooperative Law includes a written agreement to make full, voluntary disclosure of all financial information, avoid formal discovery procedures, utilize joint rather than unilateral appraisals, and use interest-based negotiation.

Cooperative Law is a welcome new modification of traditional Family Law. It can address some of the most objectionable features of the traditional adversary system.

At Dwyer Mediation & Law, we will help you carefully determine whether Cooperative Law, or another process, is the best fit for you and your family. 

If you're interested in cooperative law