Dwyer Mediation & Law provides individuals and organizations with consulting in these areas:

  • designing conflict resolution systems
  • providing second opinions on settlements
  • coaching in conflict resolution skills for individualized clients
  • communications coaching for co-parents and families
  • individualized career coaching for lawyers 

Conflict Resolution Systems.  Michael Dwyer can design conflict resolution systems for workplaces, organizations, and business relationships. Such systems may involve a combination of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Conflict Resolution Systems can reduce dramatically the costs associated with conflict that frequently occurs in employment, organizations, and business. 

Second Opinions.  Clients and lawyers frequently ask Michael Dwyer to provide confidential second opinions about settlement options regarding divorce and other family conflicts. Michael will provide a fresh, independent review of your conflict with complete confidentiality so you can assess the advice you are receiving or the terms of settlement under consideration.

Individualized Coaching for Clients.  Michael Dwyer can assists clients who are attempting to resolve a divorce or family dispute with their spouse or partner or other family member.  Such clients may be in active mediation (with another mediator) or trying to resolve the conflict on their own.  Client Coaching can include such areas as how to assess your conflict, develop an understanding of needs, learn how to create options that meet mutual needs, and how to advocate your position and preferred option.

Communications Coaching for Co-Parents.  Jane Bell and Michael Dwyer can assist co-parents and families develop skillful communications and learn to break habitual and dysfunctional communications that erupt into conflict.  This is especially valuable for parents making the transition to co-parents who wish to skillfully raise children after a dissolution of their relationship.

Individualized Career Coaching for Lawyers and Mediators.  Michael Dwyer has been a leader in the Portland legal community in helping lawyers address dissatisfaction with their careers and finding work-life balance.  He has promoted the development of a reflective practices to enable professionals to handle and process working with conflict.  As President of the Multnomah Bar Association, he created the first programs in the Portland community on meditation for lawyers and judges, and has offered weekly meditation sessions and annual retreats for professionals in conflict resolution.

Michael's consulting can help you with any conflict.