Family Law Attorney Portland

Most clients wish to avoid the court system of litigation, but that is not always possible. Whether a client is able to use Mediation or Collaborative Law depends upon many factors, including whether your spouse or partner has already retained an attorney and filed a traditional court case.

When a case must proceed through the traditional court system, Michael Dwyer possesses the experience and expertise to handle your case skillfully and represent your rights at trial.  

Michael Dwyer will assess your legal issues, outline a clear plan to handle the case in the most efficient manner possible, and attempt to negotiate a satisfactory resolution of all disputed issues prior to trial. If your case cannot be settled, he will draw upon more than three decades of experience (and hundreds of litigated hearings and trials) to represent you in the courtroom.

We represent our clients vigorously, but do not ever lose sight of the harm that can be caused to clients and families when lawyers misuse the adversary system. We will therefore remember that every professional action we take, even in litigation when advocating passionately for clients seeking fairness and justice, is done mindfully and with integrity and professionalism.

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