Portland Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Like Mediation, Collaborative Law is a voluntary process of dispute resolution and provides a clear alternative to traditional family law and litigation.

Like Mediation, parties are able to negotiate their own agreement rather than having a judge make a decision for them. But rather than have a neutral mediator, in Collaborative Law the clients retain their own lawyers who participate in the process and represent the parties.  The lawyers represent the parties for the sole purpose of negotiating an agreement, and if the case does not settle, the lawyers do not serve as the parties’ trial lawyers.

Collaborative Law ensures that the lawyers are cooperatively focused entirely on determining whether the parties can reach an agreement. The lawyers are trained to use an interest-based or problem-solving approach to negotiations. All threats of litigation are prohibited while the lawyers are engaged in the Collaborative Law process.

Collaborative Law is an exciting and useful new process for dispute resolution. It is not appropriate for every case.  At Dwyer Mediation & Law, we will help you carefully determine whether Collaborative Law, or another process, is the best fit for you and your family.

Michael Dwyer is highly regarded for his skill in the interest-based approach used in appropriate dispute resolution processes such as Collaborative Law. He is an integral member of the blossoming Collaborative Law community in Portland.

Michael Dwyer is a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals and the Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Michael can help your family come to a peaceful agreement.